Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Watching Spring Training, and a bit more ...

Russ Canzler, former Durham Bull
Dan Johnson, former Durham Bull
*** 29 days **
  • I am eventually going to get over the fact that neither of these guys are going to be playing for the Bulls this year (or maybe not), but I can't help pointing out that former Durham Bull and International League MVP Russ Canzler introduced himself to the Cleveland Indians by hitting a grand slam. To make me feel even worse, former Durham Bull and International League MVP Dan Johnson introduced himself to the Chicago White Sox by hitting a home run, as noted on a Charlotte Knights blog (the sound in the background is the grinding of my teeth). 
  • Looking to the future, here are some players who, if they don't make it to the Rays roster (and at best only one or two will), we could see with the Bulls. Over at ESPN Florida Tommy Rancel writes about Infielders Will Rhymes, Matt Mangini, and Juan Miranda, catcher Chris Gimenez, and pitcher Jhonny Nunez. At DRaysBay, JC Mitchell writes about infielder Mangini, outfielder Jeff Salazar, and pitchers Brian Augenstein and Ricky Orta.
  • If you want a very interesting way to keep track of these guys, you can do no better than to keep an eye on Rays Index. Over there Cork Gaines has a table that's tracking innings played by everyone in camp. Fascinating, and a good way to do some guessing about the Bulls roster.
  • How's your cynicism index these days? Here's one for you. As all those obsessed with the International League know, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees aren't going to be playing in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in 2012 (not that they ever did, but let's not go there). Their playing field is undergoing a year-long refurbishment. That presented an interesting marketing dilemma that was recently solved ... change your name! For 2012 only, they will be known as the "Empire State Yankees"! Why? 'Cause they'll be playing in the Empire State. Read all about it at a Rochester Red Wings Press Release. Now, just why is this being announced by the Red Wings? 
  • Dirk Hayhurst's new book (Out of My League, haven't read it yet) is out. Over at his blog Mrs. Hayhurst has some interesting comments about baseball and life.


  1. I'm getting excited at the prospect of having Vogt, Beckham and Lee possibly on the opening day roster for us.

    Combine that with a pitching rotation that will have some variation of Webb, Cobb, Archer and Torra and I think we have a nice team shaping up.

  2. Webb above should of course be "Torres", not sure how I made that mistake.

    In fact, 29 days out, I'm going to take a stab at the opening day lineup (I realize this is way too early):

    C - Chirinos
    1B - Miranda?
    2B - Bechham
    SS - Lee
    3B - Rhymes
    OF - Guyer, Vogt, Salazar
    P - Cobb
    DH - Mangini

  3. Not a bad lineup, but I worry that we won't see the Bull snorting too much with that lineup. All the more reason to miss Johnson and Canzler.