Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hemstitching: Chris Archer, Trooper Potts, & More

In the weaver’s world the word hemstitching is used for two purposes: to tie up loose ends (literally, because an “end” is a thread in a warp) and for decoration.
  • A nice article in today's News & Observer about Chris Archer's workout routine this winter. Very hard-working young man. Let's hope that it works out this Spring.
  • Fans may remember front office guy Matt DeMargel. He's back in town and apparently looking for work among folks who don't understand baseball.
  • Graphic artist Craig Robinson was faced with a serious problem. Since he is going to have to give up rooting for the Yankees, how does he pick a new team?
  • The Durham Bulls are doing a lot of tweeting about an announcement to be made tomorrow. Watch this space, or our own twitter feed.
  • Local folks have heard a lot recently about Trooper Michael L. Potts who survived a particularly nasty encounter with a very bad guy. Did you know he once was a Durham Bulls pitcher? Bulls GM Mike Birling gets some airtime on WRAL.

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  1. Apparently Durham will post 2014 AAA all star game. Kind of cool I suppose.