Friday, February 22, 2013

Hemstitching: World Baseball Classic & More

  • WDBB favorite Alexander Torres has been added to the roster of Team Venezuela for this year’s World Baseball Classic.
  • That led me to a minor effort to try to figure out what the WBC is all about. Just barely stayed awake through that, but did discover a good start point on Wikipedia. Lots of internal links there to rosters, venues, schedules, etc.
  • Of much more immediate interest is the very cool chart over at RaysIndex. There Cork Gaines plots everyone in spring training by age. Of interest to Bulls fans are the non-roster invites. You’ve got to figure all of the older ones are prime candidates to come to the Bulls.
  • Steve Wiseman at the Herald-Sun has followed-up on Trooper Potts baseball career. Pretty interesting.
  • Herald Sun’s take on the Triple-A All-Star announcement also a good read.
  • Lastly, some very serious trivia. While in the Bulls locker room yesterday I noticed that all the clocks were on Daylight Savings Time. Momentarily disorienting. But I had to admit that it makes all the sense in the world. Why bother to change the time on clocks that aren’t looked at in the winter time? Baseball is, and should be, on summertime.

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