Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hemstitching: Rosters, Bets, Wives & More

In the weaver’s world the word hemstitching is used for two purposes: to tie up loose ends (literally, because an “end” is a thread in a warp) and for decoration.
  • The Bulls own website provides some solid speculation on the possible members of this year’s roster.
  • I don’t bet on sports, but it was naive of me not to realize that some the sabermetric crowd would try to use their ideas to make money. They have. A new book on the process is here, and Grantland has a story here.
  • It seems like a very long time since we’ve heard from Nicole Johnson, wife of (or to) Elliot Johnson) and a blogger of some astuteness. Recent posts to her blog offers two views of a trade from the perspective of a wife. Here and here.
  • If you want to see the entire International League schedule in one place, take a look at this matrix schedule.
  • It begins to look like the peculiarities of the business of baseball are going to provide the Bulls with a first-rate catcher … but we recall that although Chris Gimenez reported to Durham at the beginning 2012, he went back to St. Pete before the Bulls season even started.
  • Rays Index has updated his playing time table. Several roster clues in there.

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