Saturday, March 9, 2013

On the Road

Probably everyone has their least favorite highway. Mine is I-95 from North Carolina to Florida. North Carolina and South Carolina are simply not doing their job maintaining that road. Sad to say, only Georgia is seriously keeping the highway in decent shape. But at least today the traffic moved along briskly and after a late start we made good time to the Jacksonville area.

But the really big deal is that we are on our way to Spring Training! If the weather holds we should be able to get in at least three games, including a Rays/Yankees game later this week. Not sure that there will be much in the way of Bulls-related content. Guess that depends on how lucky I get. Most of the 2013 Bulls are still with the Rays, so I think it will be unlikely that I will be able to do anything more that watch from the stands.

Nevertheless, I'm finally off I-95 and headed for St. Petersburg. Should be fun ... if I can just figure out how to get this from my laptop to the web.

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