Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Raining on the Rays

Port Charlotte, Florida
Yankees 3, Tampa Bay 1

It's Florida, so the weather's changeable. But the tarp came off not too long after we got there and the game started almost on time.

Alex Cobb had a very nice five scoreless innings, but that doesn't matter much to Bulls fans. Dane De La Rosa gave up three runs and five hits in his one inning. That does. 

Otherwise, an interesting day for a Bulls fan. We got to see several potential Bulls such as Wil Myers, Chris Gimenez, and Hak-Ju Lee, and got quick looks at several others such as Jason Bourgeois, Shelly Duncan, Rich Thompson, Brandon Guyer, and Stephen Vogt. We were particularly pleased to see Robinson Chirinos take a couple of innings behind the plate. He's using a goalie-style mask these days. I'm not sure if that was what he was using at the time of his concussion about this time last year. My guess is that he wasn't. 

Near the end of the game Dan Johnson took over at first base for the Yankees. He seemed to be having a pleasant conversation with the Rays' first base coach.

I wish the ballpark experience was as good as the game experience. For some reason the folks at Port Charlotte seem to think that they only have to provide seating for midgets. The inexpensive (by major league standards) seats are about the most cramped I've experienced. On the other hand, it's a very pleasant place to walk around with good views of the game.

Looks like Stacy Long of the Montgomery Advertiser is down in Port Charlotte as well. Time to start keeping an eye on his Biscuit Crumbs blog.


  1. Wish I had realized you were there, I'd have bought you a beer. Weather was bad that day, but the Rays are looking great. The Bulls will be stacked, at least through June.

  2. Things are looking good for the Bulls for June.
    The next night weather was much worse. Froze my xxx at the Yankees-Phillies game, but DJ did get into the game. Still think he'll be a Rail Rider at the season start.
    Bit surprised at the price of tickets to spring training games. But my first time. Maybe typical.
    Got my first look at Tropicana today.