Saturday, March 2, 2013

Watch List, Fan Fest, Auditions, and More

37 Days
  • We are really pleased to see Rays Index bring back his Spring Training Playing Time table. His assertion is that players who are seeing playing time early in the game are those that are most likely to be on the big league roster at the end of Spring. Makes sense. For example, the table shows Lee and Escobar with just about the same amount of playing time at shortstop. But almost all of Escobar’s are early in the game and Lee’s are late in the game. As the numbers get up there we’ll be cross checking the table against our own players to watch list. Interesting to see Kevin Kiermaier get some playing time.
  • Meanwhile the Fan Fest continues today. 
  • March 16 will see auditions for National Anthem performances. That gives me a chance to once again compliment whomever came up with the inspired idea to invite local choral groups to perform. Almost all of them have been terrific and some have been exceptional.
  • MLB Trade Rumors has an interesting analysis of the Rays winter trades and signings. Several players mentioned will surely show up in Durham.

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