Friday, March 28, 2014


6 Days!

A look at the new video board. Already running a Gildan ad.

The infield looks much better than the last time I looked at it. Which is hopeful since the first game is next Thursday!

Speaking of next Thursday, the Rays completed their downsizing by releasing Jayson Nix, Wilson Betemit, and Mark Lowe. They also re-assigned Ray Olmedo and Mayo Acosta to minor league camp (although Olmedo is in the box score of today's Rays-Tigers game. Go figure.)

That doesn’t necessarily mean that one or more of the first three will not end up in a Durham Bulls uniform. They were released to see if they could find major league work elsewhere. That’s a good thing. If they end up in Durham it means that they want to be in the Rays system.

Pleased to see Brandon Guyer stick with the Rays. We think a lot of that young man, who has had more than his share of injuries in recent years. Good luck!

WDBB favorite Craig Albernaz was moved out of the Tigers major league camp and is not showing up on their 40-man. Not sure if he will end up with the Mud Hens or not. If anyone hears, please let me know.

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  1. Field is looking good, but when I drove by the front on Tuesday, it looked like there was a lot of work to do there still.