Sunday, March 30, 2014

Meanwhile Over in Montgomery

Next Thursday!

But while we wait, a visit to Rays/Biscuits world.

A few years ago, in 2010 to be exact, the Rays played their final exhibition game at the DBAP. It was mostly fun to watch, but oddly enough it didn’t seem to attract much coverage.

Not so yesterday in Montgomery. The Montgomery Advertiser pulled out all the stops, publishing seven stories on the visit and the game. And a blogger from Rays Colored Glasses even made a visit. Sounds like everyone had fun.

The Biscuits won the game; they should come to Montgomery more often; the catcher looked awfully good; former Biscuits happy to visit; particularly Desmond Jennings; and Maddon gave an interview.

In return, Maddon got a key to the city.

Blogger Drew Jenkins drove down from Knoxville, TN and wrote it up for Rays Colored Glasses.

To put the very tiniest of Bulls spin to this story, none, not one, of the projected 2014 Durham Bulls played on either side for this game. How's that for trivia?

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