Wednesday, April 2, 2014



A couple of days ago Chris D came up with his opening day lineup.

But we  now know (from Stacy Long) that the scheduled starting pitcher is to be Nathan Karns in what I think will be his first start at AAA. Karns came to the Bulls out of the Washington system. Long also reports the rest of the starting rotation to be Enny Romero, Matt Andriese, Mike Montgomery, and Erik Bedard.

Chris D's list:

1) Kevin Kiermaier - CF
2) Cole Figueroa - SS
3) Wilson Betemit - 3B
4) Vince Belnome - 1B
5) Jerry Sands - RF
6) Mike Fontenot - 2B
7) Justin Christian - DH
8) Mike Mahtook - LF
9) Ali Solis - C

Here's my guesses

1) Cole Figueroa - 3B
2) Kevin Kiermaier - CF
3) Vince Belnome - 1B
4) Jerry Sands - RF
5) Justin Christian - DH
6) Mike Fontenot - 2B
7) Mikie Mahtook - LF
8) Ali Solis - C
9) Ray Olmedo - SS

Who else wants to jump in?


  1. What's interesting to me is that unlike last year it was easier to put a lineup together. A year ago we had no idea who Fotenot, Belnome or Figueroa really were. Now it's basically the same lineup between the two of us here and we'd have to say it's a pretty good one at that.

    BTW, I assume Betimit would start over Olmdeo due to the big club wanting to know if he can help them long term.

  2. Agree. I went with Olmedo as an emotional choice. I haven't yet run a complete age profile yet. One big difference from 2012 is that all of the opt-out guys were allowed to opt out early. So now it's their choice to be in Durham and that might make for a better clubhouse.

  3. I would assume Betemit has an opt out as well. Another reason he'll start.