Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pitching Matters

Season: 3-3; Home Stand: 3-3
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun

Charlotte’s Scott Carroll kept the Bulls off the bases, helped by some fine defense. The Bull’s Nate Karns had an extremely erratic  day, not helped by his defense. That’s a bit oversimplified, but not much. To his credit Karns did have 9 K’s and only 3 BB

From the stands we can’t really tell much about young Mr. Karns, who came to the Bulls via the trade of Jose Lobaton to the Nationals. We know that this is his first time in Triple A and, judging by the quotes in the Herald-Sun article above, Charlie thinks a lot of him. So lets just wait.

Meanwhile, somewhat tongue in cheek, consider the arm of the Bulls new catcher, Roman Ali Solis. On a pickoff play he missed 1B Vince Belnome and the ball went way past the bullpen, letting the runner get to 3B. As it happened, however, the runner never made it home.

More game trivia: Montoyo drew the infield in three times last night. Karns pitched his way out of the first one, but a sac fly and a double brought in a total of three runs the other two times.

Outside the game —
  • Left-handed reliever Jeff Beliveau went off to join the Rays in Kansas City. The reported reason is that pitcher Mike Moore is going on the disabled list for at least 15 days. Now as to why a reliever is going up when a starter gets hurt, lets just say that the Rays never go without 25 guys in the house.
  • Beliveau’s promotion means that a guy who’s been wearing a sweatshirt all season gets to take it off and appear in a game. Catcher Mayo Acosta has actually been here all year but hasn’t been on the Bulls playing roster until yesterday. Last time we saw him was back in 2012. He had a brief appearance in the game last night.
  • Robby Price started at 3B last night in the place of Cole Figueroa. Figueroa reported a muscle tightness after yesterday’s batting practice and was scratches. But I’d been wondering why Price’s name was familiar to me. Dug around today and finally remembered. Price was one of the winners of the 2012 WDBB Moonlight Graham award. And here he is! Good to see him in a Bulls uniform and on the field in the DBAP. 
  • Last, and most important, WDBB favorite Craig Albernaz has been located. He's playing for the Erie Sea Wolves, the Detroit Tigers AA team.

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