Friday, April 11, 2014

Matchup: G'Braves Vs. Durham Bulls

Today is the Gwinnett Braves' home opener. So far this season they’ve had a four-game round with the Durham Bulls and finished three games over in Norfolk (one was postponed for rain). Now they are back home in Gwinnett, a town a few miles northeast of Atlanta. Rumor has it that the Atlanta Braves have built a special truck bed about 75’ long so that they can call up a relief pitcher from Gwinnett, put him and a catcher in the back of the truck, and have him warm up on the way to Atlanta. Just a rumor, of course.

It is much too early in the season for these numbers to have any particular predictive value. Let’s just say that, so far, the Bulls are ½ game ahead of the Braves in the standings. They are about a match on hitting. The Braves pitching hasn’t been so good, but neither team has even gone through their rotation two times.


I had the chance to chat with photographer Chris Adamczyk at Thursday morning’s game and have been browsing through her work ever since. With her kind permission, I may be putting up an image here from time to time. But you really need to go take a look for yourself. Her portfolio of the DBAP renovation here is simply amazing. And she has been and will be putting up shots from the games she attends here.

Photo by Chris Adamczyk, Triangle in Focus and Chris Adamczyk Photography


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