Monday, February 16, 2015

All-DBAP - 2B - Elliot Johnson

The Bulls have put up their choices for All-DBAP second base over on their blog.

Let’s face it, this vote is going to mostly be Montoya-era (Elliot Johnson) vs Evers-era (Brooks Badeaux) Bulls teams. We think Elliot Johnson should get the nod. I really like Cole Figueroa, but I always saw him as a third baseman and he simply doesn’t have the number of games or the hitting record of the other two.

If we look at the tables we put together a couple of years ago we see that both Badeaux and EJ made the list (note: So did Jared Sandberg!). Ranked by number of games played (not all at 2B) EJ had 410 games (#3 on the list) and Badeaux had 326 (#8 on the list). When we sort the list by OPS, EJ is at #14 with .735 and Badeaux #17 at .648. Of course, not all those games were at second base. They both played a good bit of shortstop and other positions as needed.

Certainly Badeaux has the affection of the long-time fans in my section of the stands, but that was before my time. He was undoubtedly well-liked and was frequently mentioned with fond regard. I never saw him play.

On the other hand, in my time in watching the Bulls, we got to watch Elliot Johnson make a difference in a many a baseball game and we like him a lot and we'd love to see him make the All-DBAP team.

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  1. EJ is the right answer. Figgy shouldn't be in this list. He should be at 3B. I posted this on their FB page (noting the stats) and they basically blew me off. Oh well.