Tuesday, February 3, 2015

All-Time AAA Durham Bulls Catchers

This is going to be fun!

The Bulls have started up a terrific way to think about the team’s 20 years at the DBAP by letting us put together an all-star team as part of the celebration. The way it will work is that each week they will put up a position for a vote, naming some candidates. We then have to go over to their Facebook page to vote. Sounds like a lot of fun. They are starting out with a vote on the top catcher.

We will have to note a couple of things along the way. Here at WDBB we have already done a lot of the work back in early 2013 when we gave out opinions with a greatest hitters and greatest pitchers list. We even speculated that it would be fun to put together a team. But we don’t have near the readership of the Bulls facebook page, so more power to them.

They are starting out with the catching position. Here are the players. I’ve made my vote, although I have to note that back when we made up our greatest hitters list, no catchers made the cut. It seems that catchers just don’t stick around very long.

They are then going to move on to first base and [Chris Richard] there's little doubt [Chris Richard] who our favorite [Chris Richard] first baseman choice is going to be: Chris Richard.

So, keep an eye on the Bulls Facebook page and have fun.


  1. So...1B isn't as easy as you thought here with them classifying Dan Johnson at 1B (I would have made him DH).

    1. Thanks. Had forgotten to take a look. Anderson has better stats, but probably good to look further back. Still think Richard is the guy, as you may have seen by now.