Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All-DBAP 3B - ????

Well the choices for All-DBAP third baseman are out and they give me a chance to rant a bit. I think I mentioned earlier that we are likely to see a “two eras” breakout as this went along, and that sort of explains the choice of Scott McClain, who played in 1998 and 1999, but not really the others.

Let me remind readers that this blog’s focus is on the Durham Bulls and, mostly, the guys who have played here over the years. Thus, we lean towards performance as a Bull and not performance in other times and places.

In the Bulls' list we have:
As I said, Scott McClain makes some sense. But look at these guys, all of whom have both more games as a Bull and more time at third base than Huff or Longoria.
And a couple of guys who played some 3B and made significant contributions, such as:
And let’s not forget Angel Chavez (Angel who??), who had a season with the Bulls, played in 114 games, 73 at 3B.

My point is that I’m somewhat disappointed with our choices this week. Guess I’ll give Scott McClain my vote ... but I would rather have had more choices.


  1. Putting a guy on here that logged just 35 games for the Bulls is pretty absurd. I liked this promotion going in, but the handling of it has been terrible.

    1. No argument from me, although McClain is a decent choice. Possibly our only chance to recognize Ray Olmedo, though, has been missed.