Monday, February 9, 2015

All-DBAP First Base - Chris Richard, Of Course

As might be guessed from an earlier post, Chris Richard is one of my all-time favorite Durham Bulls. And this is the week we get to vote on the first base position.

Over at the Bulls blog they’ve got four solid candidates, two of whom we’ve written a lot about since we started this blog, Dan Johnson and Chris Richard. The other two, Steve Cox and Kevin Witt, were certainly terrific Bulls, although if I were making the list, I’d certainly have put Leslie Anderson in the group.

But why Chris Richard over Dan Johnson? A couple of reasons.

I’ll acknowledge that over his 450 games (DJ had just 304) Richard had a slightly lower OPS, .906 to .965. But, since we are voting for first baseman, let me point out that he played 303 of those games at 1B. DJ  played just 102 games at first base. Said another way, 68% of Chris Richard’s playing time with the Bulls was as a first baseman, while Dan Johnson (while he added a lot to the Bulls) played just 34% of his games at 1B.

We will, of course, admit to being a serious Chris Richard fan. We have even suggested retiring his number, which was 27. I wasn't the only one to note his contribution on the sad announcement of his retirement, for example here.

His biggest night of his Bulls career had to be May 15, 2009 when he hit two grand slams agains the Louisville Bats. (story, story). A great night.

He’s got my vote. I think he should have yours too. Over at the Durham Bulls facebook page.

Update: Chris is in! Yahoo! See link here.


  1. I don't disagree with your argument, but a quick scan of the Facebook post suggests that Dan will win in a landslide

  2. Pleased to see he made it! DJ has a chance to get back on the list if they count his time at 3B, which he played a good bit of in one of his years.

  3. Makes 0 sense that Bulls don't have a DH position up for votes. I don't think DJ deserves 3B an more than he deserved 1B, but should be in at DH.

    1. Good point. Worth an email or facebook comment, I'd say.