Saturday, July 30, 2016

News From the Bulls' Boss

Season (and half-season) ticket holders just got a letter from Durham Bulls General Manager Mike Birling that had some interesting news that seems to me to deserve a wider audience.
  • Netting: Some folks don't like the new netting, but foul ball injuries are down 20% and, even more important, major injuries are down 75%. My take: Keep the netting. I prefer the netting to having to worry about the fans who seem to be oblivious to the game — and that used to worry me quite a bit.
  • Parking: Day game parking was a big problem last year. However, for season ticket holders the problem went away this year. Thanks, Mike. Otherwise, parking and traffic will always be an issue that has to be worked on every day. Comes with being a growing city and successful downtown. I've seen Mike out directing traffic before and after games, so you know he takes it seriously.
  • Fewer games in a season: Going down to 71 home games in 2017 and 70 home games in 2018. Not sure why it's being done and whether or not it will affect the overall length of the season. Hope it means that with fewer games the players will get a couple of extra days off.
  • Now if only Major League Baseball will take a cue. Season's much too long. Who wants to watch baseball in the snow?

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