Sunday, July 17, 2016


Game 95, July 16, NBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse, New York
Durham Bulls: 2
Syracuse Chiefs: 0
Season: 41-54; Trip: 1-2
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Game Score: Marks 97; Season Avg 52 (14 starts, 70 innings)
Tm wOBA: Game .191; Season .294; Diff -.103

This was the first complete game no-hitter in Durham Bulls history! A very big deal. Justin Marks was not doing all that well this year, but now he's in the history books with a great game. 130 pitches, 2 walks, 1 hit batter, no hits, no runs.

Usually in minor league ball a pitcher never even gets a chance to finish a game even if he has a no-hitter going. This time, Justin Marks stayed in the game and set any number of personal and team records.

I listened/watched just the first couple of innings, so missed the whole game. Best stories are at the wrap link and at the MiLB link. Today's game starts at 1:35, so  I suggest listening in to Patrick Kinas' pre-game show that will likely start about 1:25. If the usual pattern follows, he will be interviewing manager Jared Sandberg. Kinas likely to provide more historical perspective.

Here's the last batter, called by the Chiefs' broadcaster.

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