Thursday, August 22, 2019

Durham Bulls Season — 11 Games Left — End of the Road?

Yesterday's Games

Charlotte Knights 3, Durham Bulls 0

Gwinnett Braves 6; Norfolk Tides 2

I'm not sure I can continue with this daily update. I confess that what I had hoped, and expected, to do was chronicle the Durham Bulls' rise into the lead of the South Division. Instead, what we've seen is a continuance of the Rays' callous regard for the Bulls and a slide into near-oblivion. These four games against the Knights was their chance, but a team with the 13th worst ERA in the International League has beaten them three games in a row. IL Standings.

It seems to me that the Rays gave up on the Bulls' potential as a team around mid-July. We talked about some of that here. But it has not let up, 15 transactions in the last week.

As a last sad comment, we talked about the importance of run differentials a while ago.

Here's the trend:

By the way, interesting end-of-season race going on in the International League North.

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