Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coming Home After a Good Inning’s Work

July 5, 2010 - Durham Bulls Athletic Park - 3rd Inning
Dan Johnson, Joe Dillon, Jose Lobaton.

Digging through the photos I took last night I came across this one. Had to put it up.

This is just after Jose Lobaton’s 3-run homer. These three Bulls accounted for 9 of the 11 runs last night. Dan Johnson had 4, Jose Lobaton had 3, and Joe Dillon had 2. Justin Ruggiano and Alvina Colina had one each.

Just a couple of guys coming home from the job ...


  1. Wonder if those black band-eaids under the eyes help any..?

    the other night when I went to the game I was baffled how the batters could see the ball when the setting Sun was creating incredible glare off the windows in the early innings ...at the same game a Bulls outfielder lost a ball in the Sun...
    must be tough

  2. I think that the black does help some.

    I've also heard, that the backdrop, or the "batter's eye" is really tough until a bit after 7 pm.

    That was Perez who lost that fly ball, partially because it was such a low line drive. Think that if it had gotten up in the air he might have been able to follow it.

    I've seen several balls lost, particularly right field.

  3. Love the photo; it's perfect! What kind of camera do you use? All of your shots are excellent.

  4. It's a Nikon D-70. I don't take it to the game very often since taking pictures can be a distraction. With a digital you can follow the "blind pig" approach and take 100s of photos and hope for luck...as in this case. Still, sifting through them takes a good bit of time. Also, I've got a good seat for taking photos. All of these were taken from my seat, except for the one of DJ taken at the plate. That was taken from up on the Blue Monster.