Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quiet Night At the DBAP

Game 92: Durham Bulls 4, Charlotte Knights 6
Season: 55-37
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun, Indy Week

Let’s sift through the wreckage and see if we can find something interesting to say about last night, or the last two nights for that matter.
  • Charlotte pitchers are dedicated to the proposition to not letting Dan Johnson hit. They’ve given him five bases on balls in eight plate appearances.
  • Which makes sense because the next batter in the lineup, Joe Dillon, has been in an awful slump. But maybe, just maybe, he’s seeing some light. Joe hit a two-run home run (driving in the walked Dan Johnson) in the 9th last night.
  • Alvin Colina may not be the best choice (from an admittedly short list) for designated hitter. He had three K’s last night.
  • When we’ve got three catchers, how come Navarro gets two games in a row? Orders from St. Pete?
  • Give some credit to Charlotte defense, a couple of nice catches by right fielder Stefan Gartrell, and one by left fielder Jeremy Reed.
  • And Charlotte offense, especially first baseman Josh Kroeger, home run, two doubles, and a single.
  • The flurry in the 9th showed a bit of what we’ve come to love about this year’s team. Bet it rattled Charlotte. Need to keep that up tonight.
The Knights are a good team, so it’s up to the Bulls to take it to them in their back yard down in South Carolina.

Diligent observers of the Bulls’ roster will notice a new addition, left handed pitcher Brian Shouse. Who is Brian Shouse and when will we see him on the mound? To quote Indy Week Blogger, Adam Sobsey,
41-year-old lefty side-armer Brian Shouse ... made 45 relief appearances for the Rays in 2009, latched on with Boston this year, was let go after an injury, and was immediately placed on the disabled list by the Rays after yesterday's deal was announced.
Not mentioned, since probably not known till he got snuck in, is that Shouse is on the Bulls disabled list. He might show up here eventually. The Rays seem to have a love affair with side armers and lefty specialists. Which should mean that Joe Bateman and/or R.J. Swindle have a shot some day.

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  1. Get used to watching them "Bull" their way through the other teams this season when a string of losses comes along it feels like a shock to the system

    The only exciting part of that game was when Kroeger hit the ball to the Kroger sign