Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jon Weber Retires

Jon Weber in the Durham Bulls dugout, July 3, 2009

A quote from the Bulls twitter account:
Hey Bulls fans Jon Weber texted us last night and told us he is retiring. One of the all-time fan favorites. We wish him the best.

Similar news is buried in the bottom of this item; and a Yankees blogger takes notice.

We only had one very brief conversation with Jon Weber during his tenure as a Bull, but we sure wrote about him a lot. Just a couple of examples are here, here, and here.

I don’t want this item to sound like an obituary. Let’s keep it simple and direct:

Jon, you are one heck of a ballplayer. You did the Durham Bulls proud while you were with us. You did your country proud by helping win the World Cup in 2009.

Keep on having fun in the rest of your life. Hope to sit down and have a beer with you some day. Maybe talk about the Bulls and baseball.

Update: Unfortunately, given all the attention we've given to Jon Weber over the years, we feel an obligation to add this link from Major League Baseball. Guess it explains the retirement. But it also is going to keep him out of baseball for a while.


  1. Rock on, Weber. Hope you get a managing job someday. Nobody plays the Blue Monster like you did.

  2. Good luck Jon! You were a quality player and a person during your tenure with the Bulls.

  3. Four days after he retired, he was suspended for 100 games for failing his THIRD drug test. Quality?