Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tides Get Rolled Out

Game 88: Durham Bulls 7; Norfolk Tides 2
Season: 54-34; Home Stand: 2-0
Wrap, Box, Game Log, Herald-Sun

Is Virgil Vasquez the real deal? Certainly beginning to look like it. He’s got almost 18 innings under his belt since he came off the DL and does not seem to be having any real problems. Certainly he didn’t last night.

Adam Sobsey over at Indy Week takes a look at Vasquez and our other, not fire-balling but game-winning pitcher, Brian Baker. Good read with some good quotes from Vasquez, Dan Johnson, and others.

Speaking of Dan Johnson, he got his 24th home run and an RBI double last night. You gotta wonder when they are going to stop pitching to him, especially with men on base. On the other hand, he leads the International League in walks drawn, so maybe they’d just be helping him set another record.

I really wish Darin Downs well, but he isn’t quite ready for prime time. Two batters, two home runs in the 9th. He did get a K, but then gave up a single before Winston Abreu had to come in to sort it out.

The Bulls have eaten up the Norfolk pitching staff these two games. We’ve seen six of their relievers so far. Potentially more opportunities over in Norfolk tonight and tomorrow.

The Bulls will be without the services of Charlie Montoyo, Jeremy Hellickson, and Desmond Jennings for the last two games before the All-Star break. I’ve got to be honest and say that I can’t get interested in the Futures game. Not even sure when it is and too lazy to look it up.

The Triple-A All-Star game will be July 14 on the MLB network. Too bad they don’t seem to have a decent website. Hard to get a decent idea of what’s going on. Might be interesting to at least look in on the game to see what one of the newer, and highly-touted, Triple-A ballparks looks like (Lehigh Valley’s).

I happened to catch the video clip with Dan Johnson, Chris Richard, and Joe Dillon promoting the Tobacco Road Cafe up on top of the Blue Monster. Stick with your day jobs, guys. You’re at lot better at baseball than you are at acting.

Since I’ve mentioned the media, maybe now is a good time for a radio rant. Here’s a bit of Marketing 101 the folks at “AM 620 The Buzz” who broadcasts the Bulls games:

A good fraction of your market listens to almost every game. So, when you peddle your commercial spots it really doesn’t work to tell your clients that they get some cheap air time by running the same spot three for four times a night for 144 games. What happens is that the listeners get so annoyed that they swear off the product — I may never drink Mountain Dew again.


  1. The Futures game is tomorrow (the 11th) as the first half of a double header with the celebrity softball game (which sounds amazingly painful to watch).

    I have to think that Dan Johnson's name is coming up in the Ray's trade talks. How many teams would still have him in AAA right now? Can't imagine it is too many.

  2. Also, for what it is worth, the report today is that the Mariners asked the Rays for Jennings as a part of the deal for Cliff Lee. If the Rays weren't willing to give up DJ for Lee, I think it is safe to say that they won't give him up for anyone. So, with all the various trade rumors that are going to come up this month, we are probably safe to assume Jennings isn't going anywhere.

  3. when I listen to the games on the radio via the computer my finger never strays far from the mute button when commercials air

    my only other gripe with 620 is this silly interview during the middle of the game they do with the scholarship kids..seems very out of place???

    Usally sounds like ...Well the count is three and two we have men at the corners and Kimberly what made you want to become an orthodontist?