Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last Year's Durham Bulls: Pitchers

Here's what I've heard about last year's pitchers.
  • Richard De Los Santos, 148 innings pitched, Durham Bulls
  • Heath Phillips, 139 innings, Long Island Ducks
  • Jeremy Hellickson, 117 innings, Tampa Bay Rays
  • Aneury Rodriguez, 113 innings, Houston Astros
  • Brian Baker, 105 innings, Durham Bulls
  • Carlos Hernandez, 90 innings, ????
  • Joe Bateman, 76 innings, Oakland Athletics
  • Virgil Vasquez, 66 innings, LA Angels
  • Dale Thayer, 60 innings, NY Mets
  • Mike Ekstrom, 58 innings, Durham Bulls
  • Winston Abreu, 55 innings, Toronto Blue Jays
  • R.J. Swindle, 55 innings, Durham Bulls
  • Darin Downs innings, 40, Florida Marlins
We had 11 pitchers with 20 innings or less (details here) and we'll surely be seeing some of them in 2011 (Cobb, Torres, McGee). If anyone can fill in the holes above I'll update this. Could swear that I heard something about Heath Phillips, but sure can't find my notes.

Update: April 19. Changes in italics

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