Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where the Durham Bulls (and the Rays) Are

 This is the Spring Training complex of the Tampa Bay Rays. If you zoom out a bit you can see the surrounding region and the town of Port Charlotte, which is north of Fort Myers and south of Sarasota. In my youth this was serious alligator country (and really doesn't look too much more civilized now). The facility is in Charlotte County, who paid for most of it, hence the Charlotte, not Port Charlotte, Stone Crabs, the Rays' team who plays there in the summer.

Pitchers and catchers are in camp. A total of 62 ballplayers are signed to various forms of contracts with the upper echelons of the Rays. After things sort out a bit, we'll take a shot at guessing who might be showing up in Durham in April.

Gotta admit that it looks like a terrific place to play baseball.

47 days to first game; 54 days to first game in Durham.