Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ruggiano, Anderson, and more ...

A while back when the Rays had a flurry of signings they also went up to 42 players on their 40-man roster. So we've known for a while that two players had to go to make room. That happened today. Justin Ruggiano and Leslie Anderson have been "designated for assignment." That means that either another team picks them up on their 40-man (paying the Rays appropriate compensation — have no idea how that's determined) or they perhaps show up in a Bulls uniform this year. Marc Tompkin of the St. Pete Times quoted Rugg as saying:

I'm disappointed but at the same time it could open up another door or opportunity for me...

Unlikely that Tompkin would have gotten a good quote from Anderson unless he speaks really good Spanish.

Over at DRaysBay Steve Slowinski sees the situation as too many outfielders and first basemen in the Rays system and R.J. Anderson at the Process Report notes that Anderson's numbers weren't very good and that there wasn't much room for Ruggiano.

Here at WDBB my guess is that none of our careful readers are surprised at either choice. After the Rays called up Justin last year and sat him on the bench for a week it was clear that he wasn't high on their list of guys to watch. As for Anderson, let's say that he never really showed Bulls fans very much as an arm or bat or glove. Seemed to be a nice guy and we are certainly glad to see him get out of Cuba safely (and hope that his immigration status doesn't get screwed up). But did not look like a major leaguer to us (not that we are all that good at making that kind of call).

Still, given the way this works, we could have both players with us in Durham this year.

As long as I'm pecking away, here are a few odds and ends that might be of interest.

  • The 2011 Triple-A Championship game is not going to be in Oklahoma City. It will be on September 20th in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the Isotopes' field. Albuquerque (and nearby Santa Fe) is one of my favorite towns. Maybe an excuse to trek out west in September?
  • The Bulls are soliciting fans for food suggestions. Know that at least one reader of WDBB is very interested in sausage, so he should take a look.
  • For folks with an interest in the business of baseball (I am obviously not one of them) DRaysBay had a in-depth look at the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement review.
  • For deeply obsessive Rays' fans, here's what will be happening with jersey numbers.
  • Interesting interview with potential Durham Bull Dirk Hayhurst a few days ago on DRaysBay.
  • Durham Bulls' watchers are often left in the dark regarding our young pitchers pitch count/innings limits. Cork Gains over at Rays Index discusses the Rays philosophy that may give us some hints on what to expect this year.
  • Lastly, the Rays have signed RHP Juan Cruz and infielder Felipe Lopez to minor league contracts with invitations to spring training.


  1. Thanks for posting the concession link

    I had an interesting conversation a couple of weeks ago while having dinner at Spartacus Restaurant in Durham.
    I was talking to the one of the owners of the restaurant about the food situation at the DBAP. He told me they had tried to sell their food there one year and that the real problem was the "volunteers" they could not use their own employees, the DBAP makes you use people who are clueless in food handling. People who have no pride in selling their product = bad service. Spartacus pulled out of there for exactly this reason.
    Until the powers that be realize that this has to change food service will remain abysmal at the DBAP. Sad but true, it is the only thing wrong with the place. Everything else is pefect

  2. Thrilled to see that they have started rotating the national championship game (even though we all know it isn't a true national championship). Hopefully we will get a chance to see the game here in the future.

  3. Had not seen/heard news re Thayer. Thanks, Adam.

    Gonna have to put together a where are they now? piece about the 2010 Bulls. Not many are going to be back. Maybe after spring training starts.

  4. Add Ryan Shealy to your WATN? piece: signed with Blue Jays.

  5. Good Luck to Dale Thayer with the Mets. Thanks for the job you did with the Durham Bulls. Durham has lost a lot of key players this offseason. Charlie has his work cut out for him. Starting with finding new closers and set up men.

  6. I'm actually pretty surprised by the Anderson move. I realize he didn't wow last year, but he was barely off the boat so to speak. Rugg is no surprise at all, but he wouldn't be in this spot if he hadn't started striking out once per 4 the last two years...

  7. Anderson and Ruggiano cleared waivers, will be outrighted to Durham barring a trade.