Friday, February 11, 2011

Ruggiano and Anderson on 2011 Bulls Roster?

According to Marc Topkin at the St. Pete Times [Thanks, Adam] Justin Ruggiano and Leslie Anderson passed through waivers and remain part of the Tampa Bay Rays organization. This puts them both in roughly the same status that Elliot Johnson was at this time last year. They'll probably go to spring training as "non-roster invitees", play their hearts out, start the season in Durham, and then we get to see what happens.

I'm a little surprised that Ruggiano made it through the waiver process. My only guess is that other teams were just too close to spring training to give up a slot on their 40-man.


  1. I'm sorry for Justin's sake but it will be nice to have both of these guys on the Rays roster. I'm especially interested in seeing how Anderson develops. He was pretty impressive for such a young player.

  2. Anderson at 28 isn't all that young. He was a star in Cuba and seems to have some flash, but I'm less enthusiastic. But, hey, I was the guy who was giving Elliot Johnson a hard time in 2008 ...

  3. Ruggiano is a "sleeper". He should be retained by Tampa Bay. Let him play in Durham, TB won't be sorry.