Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chris Richard Retires

I sat down this morning intending to just do a bit of web-surfing. Then I was going to go out and do a bit of yard work before taking a shower and going over to Durham for a look at the Fanfest.

But then I ran across Adam Sobsey’s story in Indy Week and now I’m trying to put together a few words about my all-time favorite Durham Bulls baseball player.

My hope was that Chris would get a call down to minor league camp as the kind of guy the system needs to steady the youngsters coming up. And it’s not as if the Rays system is overloaded with first basemen anyhow. But, so far, my hope has not been rewarded. I’m guessing that Sobsey has had his article ready to go for a while, waiting to see if a call would happen, and it didn’t.

So thank you, Chris, for the thrills you've provided over the years I’ve been watching the Bulls.

To mention just the most recent, the fourth inning of last September’s playoff game against Louisville, when you whacked a grand slam to sew up the game.

Chris set a bunch of Durham Bulls records. His two grand slams in one game with Durham has to be a highlight.

I’m sure I’ll have a few more thoughts as the idea of not seeing Chris Richard hitting home runs and covering first base sinks in, but let me just put up an idea for readers to consider:

What about retiring number 27, Chris Richard’s number?


  1. I have always liked Richard for a number of reasons, but a big part of it is that he has really embraced being a part of the community here. I know that so many minor league guys just think about AAA (and the lower teams) as stops along the way, but the Bulls are part of the community here and I always have a closer connection with those players that seem to be part of that community (EJ, and Fernando are the other two recent players that come to mind). It is sad to see Chris shut things down, but I think it is great to have him around town still and I really look forward to listening to him and Neil on the radio.

  2. As a fan and an autograph collector, Chris Richard was one of the best around. He always had time to stop and sign for the fans. I have numerous things signed by him including the Bulls' program that he was on the front for a homestand. Chris, thank you for what you did for the Bulls organization but more importantly thank you for being the person that you are.

  3. Having had the unique opportunity of seeing and
    knowing Chris behind the player entrance door I
    would say he is truly a pro's pro...a great combination of talent, humility and leadership...a credit to the game.
    I am very glad that Durham and baseball will
    continue to benefit from his contributions whether in the booth, coaching all levels on the field or behind the scenes. I join his fans in wishing him the very best as he turns the page . Chuck