Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Those Who Are Left

16 Days to first Durham Bulls game (at Gwinnett)
23 days to first Durham Bulls home game

With the recent batch of cuts, we don't have as many players to keep an eye on in the Rays camp. And we are not able to track players once they move over to the minor league camp. 

For the players still with the Rays, here's how they are doing:

This table is sorted by plate appearances and it looks to me like we can safely say that most of these players will not be sticking with the Rays at the beginning of the season. In all likelihood Lobaton and Ashley are there simply because there are still a lot of pitchers in camp and they are only working a couple of innings per game. Plus Chirinos was sent down a few days ago. Things are not looking good for former Bull Ray Olmedo at all. Not sure that he will even make it to the Bulls this year. For the rest, the Rays have at best only one or two slots, the others we are very likely to see in Durham in a couple of weeks.


  1. Bootcheck, Ekstrom and Swindle are headed to us. I don't know much about Bootcheck, but I think he's a prospect, right? Should be interesting. Ekstrom is going to cost us a game or two because the Rays want him to be on their roster, so he'll get work in tight games whether he has it or not. Disappointed for Swindle since he was my favorite reliever from last year, but good news for Bulls for selfish reasons.

  2. Bootcheck was playing in Japan last year. A 32 I'm guessing that the Rays are setting up yet another rocking chair crew for our bullpen. He pitched for Indianapolis in 2009 but I don't recall seeing him.

    Ekstrom is saying the right things about coming to Durham. We can hope.

    Of course, love to see Swindle. Plus Montoyo knows how to use him. Gotta think he will make a difference to us as long as his head is on straight.

    By the way, likely that Bootcheck has on of those "opt-out" contracts that expires in June or July.

  3. Ok I was confused on Bootcheck, sorry about that.

    I think all 3 of these guys would have opt out clauses. Swindle had one last year, but stayed anyway. Ekstrom is on the 40 man, so I guess he's less likely to use one.