Monday, March 7, 2011

RaysProspects Releases 2011 Prospect Guide

What could be more timely after yesterday’s reset than to have in hand Kevin Gengler’s 2011 Prospect Guide? This is 156 pages of very cool stuff on the 200+ baseball players in the Rays system. What’s more, it’s free! Gotta love those guys over there.

Now, to get to the important stuff, what does it have to say about the Durham Bulls?

Potential Bulls players are sprinkled throughout the guide with solid profiles (particularly pitching prospects) of the young guys coming up. In addition, he’s got affiliate previews of all the Rays full-season minor league teams.

As a teaser, here’s a short quote from their Durham Bulls preview:

This years crop of Bulls are in charge of defending their division title as they attempt to win a fifth straight South Division crown....

There’s much, much more (page 67) but, really, you should get your own copy.

In general, there are some very exciting guys downsystem. This could be a really interesting year.

For that matter, RaysProspects is one of those key websites for those who follow the Bulls. Gotta keep an eye on who might be coming along.

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