Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How They Have Done

23 Days to first Durham Bulls Game (@ Gwinnett)
30 Days to Home Opener

Here we are roughly halfway through spring training and folks are speculating about the final makeup of the Rays. As three examples, here are looks from the Tampa Tribune, The St. Petersburg Times, and Rays Index. Which leaves us to revisit the guys we’ve been watching (previous entries here and here).

This table is sorted by plate appearances and the numbers come from the Rays stats page. Brandon Guyer has already been sent to minor league camp. If we look at just playing time, we'd guess the bottom several players in the table are due to go next, say from Ray Olmedo on down. Note that Ray’s not having a good spring statistically.

At another guess, catchers (Lobaton, Ashley, Chirinos) will hang around as long as the Rays are keeping lots of pitchers on the roster.

But please remember that these numbers are really not very good indicators. I mean who’s going to wait to draw a walk and boost his OBP if he’s got a chance to show the boss he can hit home runs?

Speaking of home runs, only one player on this list has hit any at all, Robinson Chirinos has two.

Update: Five of the players in this chart were “cut” today (15 March) — Jennings, Chirinos, Canzler,  Furmaniak, Mayora, and Anderson. Players in minor league camp essentially disappear from media coverage, so we are unlikely to learn much more about individuals until opening day. I’ll do a separate post on all the cuts soon.


  1. was over at the Bulls webstie today and it seems they are bringing Papa Johns Pizza to the DBAP...

    That is not good news

    Bring me a barf bag

  2. and now they came out today and announced their "Bulldog" hot dog wrapped in bacon and pretzel dough...

    that might balance the bad karma of Papa John


  3. Among the choices for tasting during the fanfest, I'd have to agree that the pretzel dough hot dog was the best. And you've got to admit that Papa Johns is likely to be better than last year's guy. (small comfort) None of which goes to the modest campaign to bring back the grilled sausage vender of a couple of years ago.

  4. I have found Papa Johns to be abysmal

    There will be no pizza for me at the DBAP
    no big deal

    I guess my suggestion of Farmhand Foods to the DBAP was too topshelf

    I'll wait and see