Thursday, March 3, 2011

How're They Doing?

Days to first Durham Bulls Game (@ Gwinnett) —35
Days to Home Opener — 42

Several days ago I developed a list of players to keep an eye on who are in the Rays Spring Training camp. Now that the Rays have played five games, how are they doing?

Well, I was deep into the throes of developing a table for this post when I came across the one that Cork Gaines had already done over on Rays Index. Cork's contention is that you can make some educated guesses simply by taking a look at playing time. Further, playing time in early innings is more important than later innings. So, if you wonder where I've gotten my numbers from, take a look at Cork's work.

For our purposes, however, I can narrow the look down to just those players on my initial list.

Here's my guess: The fewer innings on this chart, the greater the chances we'll be seeing the ballplayer in Durham this year.

Now, here's hoping that Cork updates his chart from time to time. If so, I'll be passing it on.

Web World:
  • Elliot Johnson has not seen much playing time (only 4 innings) due to a left quad tightness and the Rays have signed RHP Edgar Gonzales to a minor league contract, according to Joe Smith of the St Petersburg Times.
  • This is sort of history, but if you'd like to get an update on what the Rays did in the off season, this is a pretty good summary over at MLB Trade Rumors.
  • For a wife's perspective on Spring Training in Florida or Arizona, check this out.


  1. Do you know if Rugg is out of options? I really don't expect him back.


  2. Actually Rugg was passed through waivers (along with Leslie Anderson) a month or so ago. So, unless traded, he's on his way to Durham for 2011. The "options" business doesn't apply to him. He'll be starting the year much like Elliot Johnson started last year, trying to work his way back on to somebody's 40-man.