Thursday, May 19, 2011

iPhone (and Android) App Released

I got my first look at the Durham Bulls iPhone app today and it is terrific.

An android app has also been released, but I haven’t seen it (and probably won’t). The Android app is supposedly essentially the same as the iPhone one.

For iPhone users, you need to know that there are two apps in the iTunes store with the “Durham Bulls” logo on it. The one that you want, the one just released, is the “Durham Bulls Official App”. The other app is pretty crippled and not being supported at all. Also, it can be reached directly through the link above and through the Bulls website.

Does it pass the “So What?” test? In a word, yes. I think it will turn out to be a very handy little program. This is the third or fourth minor league app that the developer, Critical Technologies Group, has put on the street, so my expectation is that they will have figured out how to efficiently retrieve data from the servers (which is about all that I’m interested in).

I tried it out at tonight’s game and it worked just fine both over ATT 3G and the Bulls’ wi-fi. The Bulls press release goes into detail about all the things you can do with the app.

About all that it doesn't have yet that I’d like to see is live audio streaming, and I’m told that’s on the way. Since I live on the far fringes of AM 620’s coverage area and can’t always get to a computer, that would be a very handy feature.

Long time coming (I first heard about it late last season), but it works and it’s free. What more could you ask for?

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