Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Rain; More Baseball

The Durham Bulls got rained out Saturday night, so they are going to try for a double header today, then head back here for a game Monday afternoon at 5. They are scheduled to be 7-inning games, but somehow this does not look good. The forecast looks a bit cluttered, so games could go long. Stamina is going to count for a lot.
In the meantime a few odds and ends to add a bit of spice to your Sunday:
  • Here's a very odd double play from Double A ball. The baseball changed hands nine times as the play went along. []
  • Craig Robinson illustrates Roy Holliday's career as a succession of 10" treks up to the top of the pitcher's mound. [FlipFlopFlyBall]
  • Am I the only one who thinks that it's a bit odd for PeTA to be rating food at minor league ballparks? PeTA? Baseball? Do I need to point out what baseballs are made from? And what's with that rabbit logo? [NotetoSelf]
  • Over at the Baseball Wife blog we find some thoughtful comments on the current paternity leave rules. [BaseballWife]
  • Also on Baseball Wife some meditations on careers for wives of baseball players. [BaseBallWife]
  • Neal Solondz had a good interview with outfielder/DH Chris Carter who talked about a recent day off and success hitting to the opposite field. [DurhamBullsPodcasts]
  • Speaking of a DH, Jason Collette at DRaysBay takes a look at the job from a return on investment perspective. [DRaysBay]

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