Monday, May 9, 2011

A Lot to Like

The DAP in the 1940s

DAP Restored 2008

Game 31: Durham Bulls 4; Syracuse Chiefs 0
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun, Triangle Offense
Season: 19-12; Streak: 5-0

Bulls pitching got its third shutout last night (the Bulls have not been shut out at all this year) and several good things happened.

Brian Baker, who was one of last year's stalwarts (see summary here), had his best game by far. He only gave up one hit and he struck out six in six innings.

Then Chris Bootcheck came in and gave the Bulls three very solid innings. After his mysterious one-batter appearance Saturday night, we were puzzled. But whatever the reason (Montoyo forgetting that Whiting was a switch hitter and going for a left on left situation with McGee?), Bootcheck looked really good. If he is back in form, things are looking up. Now if Hayhurst would quit blogging and get back to pitching, the Bulls pitching would be in great shape.

All bats were fairly quiet last night; neither team got an extra base hit. Early on my note read, "The script for the last couple of games is to sit and wait for Jennings and Ruggiano to come to bat." And that's the way things were working, with Ruggiano scoring the only run on a Felipe Lopez single in the first and getting on base with an error in the 3rd. But Russ Canzler changed the script in the 7th with a single, Lobaton walked, Anderson singled, Furmaniak got an RBI single, and Ray Olmedo got two runs in with a single. Syracuse's Detwiler who had had a really good game until the 7th was obviously out of gas, but it was way too late by then.

So, a sweep and the Bulls stay on top of the South Division of the International League.

Indianapolis comes to town for the "Return to the DAP" game tonight.

In my diligent research into the popularity of the old ball field I have uncovered the real reason for the intensely fond memories of the park, meaningful only to those of a certain age. Listen carefully children. There was a brief moment in time when the patriarchy decided that not only could 18 year-olds vote, but they were also responsible enough to legally purchase a drink. The problem remained that "liquor by the drink" counties were still quite rare in the Ol' North State. However, one place you could reliably buy a beer and drink in public was, guess where, the Durham Athletic Park. Moreover, in that same time, driving while a bit fuzzy in tongue and mind was, mostly, tolerated. Hence, the intense nostalgia not for the baseball, but for the DAP itself, since that's just about all a certain generation can remember. That is, they went to the DAP and a beer, and then a couple more...

Nevertheless, there is a certain charm to the place. Worth a visit tonight.

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