Monday, June 6, 2011

Awful, Just Awful

Game 57, June 6, DBAP
Pawtucket Red Sox 11, Durham Bulls 3
Season: 31-26; Home Stand: 4-4

These guys had a good view of the park, but you have to wonder if they really would want to see what was going on down there. After Edgar Gonzalez gave up a single, a walk, and a run-scoring double to start the game a conference of manager, umpires, and groundskeepers was called.

After a bit of meditation, digging, scooping, raking, etc. Gonzalez got back up on the mound and gave up two more runs. But wait, there's more! In the second inning a single, a double, a sac fly, and a ground rule double for two more. We do get to the 5th, wondering why Gonzalez is still in there, when single, walk, walk, single puts two more across. 

Although Gonzalez leaves the game, it really doesn't get any better. Maybe I put a hex on Edgar this morning by praising him. Or maybe it was the national TV exposure. But it really was not pretty. In fact, just about all of this Pawtucket visit was not pretty.

At least they did not play in those ugly blue jerseys the last three days. 

Rather than the ugly game, lets get to some questions. I need some help here.

Does anyone know what happened to Brandon Gomes? The transaction page says he was assigned to Durham on May 31, but I haven't seen him.

Unless he was the mysterious unnamed #6 warming up today. Which is my second question. Who was #6?

And then there's an item on the Rays transactions page that mentions signing a RHP named Jim Paduch. There's a pitcher down in Montgomery of the same name, but why would he show up on a Rays' transaction roster? And is he the mysterious #6? 

Update: It looks like the mysterious #6 was Lance Cormier, recently signed by the Rays and assigned to Durham. See next post.


  1. you nailed it..the only saving grace was the departure of those dumb jerseys

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