Monday, June 20, 2011

Dale Thayer Back in Town

Dale Thayer had a bunch of years with the Durham Bulls and was mostly successful. Last year wasn't all that great and he went on to the Mets organization. At 30 years of age he is doing very well with the Bisons this year with an ERA of 2.86 in 28.1 innings (3-0, 4 saves). He's had a few appearances with the Mets (check out the video here) and is on their 40-man roster.

Here's the deal, Dale. Glad to have you back in town. Enjoy whatever was your favorite restaurant. Exchange pleasantries with your former teammates and coaches. Spend a lot of time in the bullpen. No need to make some big statement about how the Rays should have paid you a bunch of money to stay. OK?

[Note: Thanks to Anonymous for the heads up.]

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