Monday, June 6, 2011

Gonzalez Released; Cormier Signed

St Petersburg Times' Marc Topkin and are reporting that Edgar Gonzalez has been released and former Tampa Bay Rays reliever Lance Cormier has been signed to a minor league contract with assignment to the Durham Bulls.

Gonzalez' departure just shows the world, or the minuscule portion of it that reads this blog, that I really can call them, or maybe not. I sat at the same table with Gonzalez at the pre-season luncheon and he came across to me as a heck of a nice guy. Unfortunately, particularly in the last couple of weeks—and especially today—he was not producing. Wish him well.

Thirty year old Cormier's last time in Triple-A was a few appearances with Norfolk back in 2008. He's essentially been a major leaguer since 2004. He started the year with the Dodgers, but wasn't doing so well. I'd guess the Rays would like to have him available and we'll be seeing him in the bullpen soon. Can expect the Rays bloggers to have a bunch of opinions and further background based on his years with Rays. He was the mysterious #6 throwing in the bullpen today.


  1. Perhaps Cormier can help us hold a lead - if we can get one.


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