Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back in Town

Season: 73-42; Home Games Left: 14

Well, B.J. didn’t make it to Durham (wonder if he ever paid that speeding ticket?). Instead, he was in Philadelphia going 1-5 in a Braves win over the Phillies.

The Gwinnett Braves might have been able to use him. They chipped away at Mike Montgomery at the start of the game, but not nearly enough to balance their own awful defense and the Bulls' hitting.

Nice to have the Bulls back in town, but the eight games left in this stretch means the season is almost over. If you want to take a look at the best team in baseball, this is it.

I am having a lot of fun watching young Kevin Kiermaier. He’s making the most of his promotion to AAA baseball: chasing flyballs down, throwing the ball in with authority, stealing bases, getting hits. I think the Bulls have found their 2014 center fielder and we fans are in for some interesting baseball from this young man.

Check out the box score and take a look at the across the board performance of the Bulls’ starting lineup. Everyone except Leslie Anderson got at least one hit. Most of the hitters are near or above .300 (and Vince Belnome wasn’t in the lineup). So when a pitcher starts to struggle, as Gwinnett’s Kameron Loe did in the just the 2nd inning, they pounce.

Brandon Gomes seems recovered. Nice inning last night.

Mentioning relievers: The Bulls’ relief corps hasn’t allowed an earned run in the last four games (11⅔ innings).

Outside the game —
  • Adam Sobsey has his thoughts on the Bulls' season as they came back to town over at Bull City Summer.
  • Our fellow Razorback and fun-to-listen-to radio commentator, Scott Poser, has interesting profile over at DNA of Sports.

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