Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bats Still Slumbering

Season: 83-53; Home Games Remaining: 1; Regular Season Games Left: 8
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun

Not a great night for the Bulls bats, with the exception of Ryan Roberts’ timely double with the bases-loaded. Roberts had been 0 for All since his return on the 19th (note: he had drawn 5 BBs), so this was a welcome return of his timing. The others will come around, we just need that coming around to happen within a week or so.

Most of the starters have been going deep lately. With the rain down in Norfolk the other day that meant that several relievers have been spending a lot of time spitting sunflower seeds and chatting up fans down there along the right field line. But two got in last night after several days’ rest — C.J. Riefenhauser and Steve Geltz both got two innings in and didn’t allow a run.

The 9th was exciting. Almost … almost … almost …

Outside the game —
  • No official word on Jason Bourgeois clearing waivers or how the Bulls will make room for him. Probably some news today.
  • Broadcaster Kinas speculated on a playoff starting rotation of Martin, Odorizzi, Kelly, Buschmann and Montgomery. But that was before Rays’ starting pitcher Jeremy Hellickson got hammered yesterday in Kansas City. Hellickson has not been looking very good lately which might mean Odorizzi moving up sooner rather than later. The Rays cannot afford to lose many more games.
  • Rays Index doesn’t think much of the Bulls oddly-colored semi-camo uniforms. He seems to prefer the blue jerseys with the unreadable numbers on them.
  • Nuke failed to win again last night, getting distracted by “The Mayor”. Is he to be skunked this year? Will he have a chance during a playoff game? What about tonight in the last regular season home game? Will he/they be back next year? 

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