Friday, August 30, 2013

Shelley Duncan Triples!

Season: 86-53; Games Remaining: 5
Wrap, Box, Gwinnett Daily Post

Former Durham Bull Matt Moore had his problems in his rehab appearance last night. Fortunately for Rays fans (and of interest to Bulls fans) Eric Single has put up a terrific article over at MLB. com about the outing. Moore is off to Oakland to rejoin the Rays.

Also fortunately for Bulls fans, after a fair amount of confusion and discombobulation in the 1st inning, a bases-clearing triple by Cole Figueroa in the 7th set up the win for the Bulls. Typically for this year’s Bulls, all the runners on base were batters who had gotten free passes. If the other teams in the league have learned nothing else this year, you’d think they would have learned not to give the Bulls freebies.

Kirby Yates had some troubles in the 9th, but pulled it off by striking out two in a row after 2 runs scored.

A game highlight was Shelley Duncan’s RBI triple in the 3rd inning. As reported by Duncan himself, it was his first triple since 2009! I wasn’t listening at the time, so find it hard to imagine how Duncan, who is not exactly known for his speed, got to third base.
Outside the game —
  • No roster moves today! Yet. But at a minimum Moore is probably headed back to the Rays.

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