Monday, June 22, 2015

How About Them Rays Hitters?

Since I was already building the spreadsheet for the Bulls hitters, I thought it would be interesting to apply the same criteria (50 plate appearances, sorted by wOBA) to the Bulls' parent club. So, how are the Tampa Bay Rays doing?

Joey Butler155.329.888.3869.2
Logan Forsythe275.288.804.3549.3
David DeJesus179.301.805.3515.7
Steven Souza265.225.768.3385.6
Brandon Guyer164.278.745.3332.8
Evan Longoria278.270.760.3283.8
Kevin Kiermaier230.253.717.3110
James Loney118.275.698.302
Tim Beckham105.213.692.296-1.2DL
Jake Elmore95.264.643.282
Asdrubal Cabrera255.208.589.257
Desmond Jennings72.222.544.254-3.2DL
Nick Franklin76.143.468.211-5.9
Rene Rivera195.165.467.208-15.7
Bobby Wilson59.145.349.166-6.7DFA

Answer: Not bad, not bad at all.

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