Friday, June 12, 2015

Rays' Memo to Sandberg: Toss Lineup Card in Shredder

From this distance it would seem that the Tampa Bay Rays need to do a few things:
  1. Fire their training crew and get some folks in that can keep pitchers healthy;
  2. Lease a jet to shuttle guys around from place to place; maybe one of those Russian monster transports so they could put a bullpen inside to warm guys up while moving around;
  3. Or both of the above.
Here we go, not necessarily in order:
  • Andrew Bellatti, with Rays, got broken and went on the DL
  • Preston Guilmet, who pitched for the Rays last night, is coming back
  • Matt Andriese, who was scheduled to start in Louisville tonight, may start for the Rays instead, here’s hoping they don’t break him, too
  • Enny Romero, who may not have ever made it back into a Bulls uniform will be back with the Rays.
  • C.J. Riefenhauser has been called up.
  • Rays catcher Bobby Wilson was designated for assignment
  • Bulls catcher, Curt Casali, likely to be called up.
  • Bulls infielder Alexi Casilla went back on the DL with, I think, a hamstring issue.
  • Bulls infielder/DH Vince Belnome came off the DL and was the DH last night.
Commentary on the transactions at various locations. Tampa Tribune, Rays Colored Glasses, The Process Report, Rays Index.

Will there be some backfill for the Bulls? Probably. In time to find a starter for tonight? Who knows?

Here’s best wishes to Curt Casali. He has had limited playing time this year and this may be his chance. Guess that Mayo Acosta will be filling in for a while.

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