Friday, June 12, 2015

Bats Bashed


Season: 36-26; Trip: 1-0
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We like it when the Bulls play the Bats. Seems like a lot of the really exciting games over the last several years have been Bulls/Bats contests. Last night, though, was in the Bulls' hands.

Three games in a row the Bulls have scored 4 runs in an inning, and they have won all three games. This time it was two, two-run homers by J.P. Arencibia (#10) and Luke Maile (#2). Cory Brown got a homer in the 1st, and the Bulls now lead the International League in home runs with 48. J.P. Arencibia is tied for first place with his 10 and Cory Brown is in second place with 9.

Meanwhile Everett Teaford had his best game of the year with a GSc of 63, pitching 6 full innings giving up only 1 run.

Rosterification —
  • The roster moves of the Rays are so bizarre that we’re going to do a separate post. Watch this space! Short version. The Rays are calling up three pitchers, sending one back and one to the DL; dumping a catcher; and calling up a catcher.

This chart shows the team OPS for each of the last 15 games. The Bulls won 11 of those 15 games. The trend is very nice. But the scores for the last four games is very impressive. Undoubtedly the Bulls bats are very, very hot.

click on chart for larger view

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