Thursday, May 5, 2016

21 Innings; Runs? Nope.

Game 27, May 3, Victory Field, Indianapolis, Indiana
Durham Bulls: 0
Indianapolis Indians: 1
12 innings
Wrap, Box

Game 28, May 4, Victory Field
Durham Bulls: 0
Indianapolis Indians: 6
Season: 12-16; Trip 2-3
Wrap, Box

The loss on the 27th obscured a terrific start by Matt Andriese, one of the best by any Bulls pitcher this year. Nevertheless, it was mostly an ugly trip after that ugly home stand. Three shutout losses drove the team batting stats down a bit as well.

Today is a day off. Maybe that will help.


An ugly trend. Hitting is said to be contagious. The Bulls need someone to get really sick.


  1. Interesting that IL average OPS is down so much on the year.

    1. I was going to comment on that but forgot. Early in the season, but 2015 was .689 and 2014 was .716 after a .712 2013. So this year's .617 a continuing a bigdownward trend.