Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bulls Headed Back

Game 29, Coolray Field, Lawrenceburg, Geogia
Durham Bulls (Tampa Bay Rays): 1
Gwinnett Braves (Atlanta Braves): 4
Wrap, Box

Game 30, Coolray Field
Bulls: 5
Braves: 3
Wrap, Box, Gwinnett Daily Post

Game 31, Coolray Field
Bulls: 2
Braves: 4
Season: 17-24; Trip: 2-4
Wrap, Box

To call this a disappointing trip would be an understatement. Statistically the team showed very little improvement in any area. The Bulls are 13 of 14 on three key hitting stats (OBP, SLG, and OPS) and 14th on the other, batting average. They have committed more errors than any other team in the International league (38). Opponents have scored 23 unearned runs (2 today). The relievers as a crew are well-above league average ERA (not a good situation). Only the starters are looking OK, and there’s some work to be done there if the team is to improve.

The season is young, but at 41 games the 25% mark has been reached.

Plus, after leaving the Bulls alone for most of the season, the Rays are starting to play around with the roster. For example, Danny Farquar is back. But that wasn’t necessarily a good thing as he took the loss in game 39. Infielder Juniel Querecuto [stats] came up from Montgomery. He picked up his first error today and got a gift from the scorer yesterday when he dropped a ball but scorer didn't count it. Mayo Acosta was sent to Hudson Valley to make room. Probably a paper transaction.

Is there any good news out there? Well, baseball is back in Durham for a few days before taking off to Toledo. Maybe something will sort itself out.

We note that J.P. Arencibia has been released by the Phillies (looks like he had an opt-out). That would add some spice to either the Rays or the Bulls.

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