Thursday, May 19, 2016

Durham Bulls Visiting Durham

Today the Bulls start a four-game stand against the Rochester Red Wings, the Minnesota Twins Triple A team. Then they get kicked out of the DBAP so a couple of local amateur teams can ring the rafters with their metal bats—Ding! Ding! Ding! That is, the ACC tournament guys get to chew up the turf.

Meanwhile the Bulls will be touring Ohio, first in Toledo against Detroit’s Mud Hens and then in Columbus against Cleveland’s Clippers. 

Rochester is having a decent year. They are just a ½ game out of first place in the North (Standings). They lead the Bulls in the categories listed here. But that doesn’t mean all that much — so does everyone else in the league. 

Charlie Montoyo’s back in town tonight, for his induction to the International League Hall of Fame. Come early to wish him well.

Otherwise, lots of stuff going on for the non-baseball fans in the park and even for the regulars with the Long Haul Bombers putting on a show Saturday.

Lastly, if you're unhappy with the Rays, you are not alone. Check out what a Biscuits blogger has to say about them.


  1. Aside from seeing Charlie, don't forget the new bag rules start tonight. Another solution looking for a problem.

  2. They're going to start disallowing bags greater than a certain size and searching smaller bags.

  3. Didn't find out until they went rummaging through the bag I carry to game. How/when did you hear. I can't find anything on website or Herald-Sun.

  4. They announced it at the games at last home stand and then there were a few FB / Twitter posts.

  5. And, as was just pointed out to me, it's on the back of every ticket. Guess I wasn't paying attention. But rules never enforced before. I sort of block out announcements when at games since I'm usually listening to radio.