Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bulls End Loss Streak; Ranting at the Rays

Louisville Bat? Or blood-sucking vampire up from Tampa Bay?

Game 23: Durham Bulls 3; Louisville Bats 2
Season: 12-11

I’m glad that last night’s game was not played in Durham. Not for myself, mind you, but out of concern for some of my fellow fans. For myself, I am completely sympathetic to the Rays for sitting Alex Cobb down on a Friday night and forcing the Bulls to use up 4 relief pitchers the day after a 4-hour long (+ 1-1/2 hour rain delay) double header that also used 4 of them. The reasoning of the Rays was impeccable. On Sunday the Rays might (might? MIGHT? MIGHT?!!!?) need him.

As noted, that makes ever so much sense to me.

However, there are a few, only a few, who sit near me that refuse to see things “the Rays way”. To speculate that it would bother them to see Mike Ekstrom starting a game is probably an understatement. 

Ranting, apoplectic, vein-popping, sputtering, screaming outrage? Probably a better description. Would we have cheered every time the Angels-Rays score was posted and the Rays were reported to be losing? You bet! Even though former Bulls David Price was on the mound.

An issue, obviously, would be finding a target for our ire. Certainly not Cobb’s fault. Can’t blame Charlie Montoyo. He’s just following orders. (Where have I heard that one before?)

So, Mr. Cobb, here’s hoping that you do get your chance for a big league start. After all, I’ve already shouted myself hoarse at the radio.

Oh, by the way, the Bulls broke out of their hitting slump with 14 of them last night, including 5 doubles and a home run (Carter, his first). They had trouble getting the runners home, however, and only put three across. 

But that was enough, thanks to Brandon Gomes. Mr. Gomes is having a very impressive season with the Bulls. In 11 appearances (six of them back-to-back) he’s picked up 6 saves with an ERA of 1.35 and a WHIP of 1.13. Last night might have been the most impressive. He had gone an inning on Thursday giving up one of the two earned runs he’s let through this year and throwing 32 pitches to 7 batters. Last night he went 2 innings, threw 36 pitches to 9 batters. Am I going to have to give up wishing Winston Abreu was back? This guy is really good.


  1. I understand the rant, but this is one of those things about being a AAA fan. Obviously Sonny will start for the Rays on Sunday if he's able. Cobb is the emergency plan. Just a fact of life for a minor league team. It's not like they didn't send us some AA guys. Unfortunately they just aren't ready.

  2. Aw, gee. That would be being rational. That takes all the fun out of it. And, of course it's OK for the Bulls to rip off the Biscuits (just wish they'd been a bit more successful).

    On a (slightly) more serious note: This is the first time I've noticed the Rays doing this (pulling up a minor leaguer for a double header). Is there something not quite right in the Rays rotation that doesn't allow them to cope effectively with what must be a common occurrence?

  3. It's because they don't want to pitch a starter off a day less rest. Normally Sonnanstine would pitch this, but he's been sick, so the question is whether he can go or not. If it wasn't for that it wouldn't have been an issue.