Friday, April 22, 2011

Rays' Rehaber(s) to Bulls

According to this item, J.P. Howell will be joining the Durham Bulls sometime soon as part of his rehabilitation path. Lefty Howell was out all of last year and may be the reason that Jake McGee is with the Rays instead of continuing his development with the Durham Bulls. And then there's Evan Longoria, but his rehab may not involve any treks to the minor leagues.

In both cases, however, we'll feel some effects.

We might get to see Howell. However, with this long road trip and the pace of his rehab, it could all happen on the road.

The Rays will have to make room for Howell (and Longoria) on the roster. Plus the Bulls have two players on the DL as well.

Result? The Bulls that come back in May probably won't be the same Bulls who leave town tomorrow.

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