Monday, April 25, 2011

Quality Time in Virginia?

Game 17: Durham Bulls 6, Norfolk Tides 4 (14 innings)
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Game 18: Durham Bulls 5, Norfolk Tides 6 (11 innings)
Season: 11-7
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Here’s hoping that the Bulls at least got some rest after yesterday afternoon’s 11 inning slog. If I heard Solondz correctly they have not even been able to take batting practice in several days. You will recall that Friday it rained all day and night, which didn’t keep the umps from requiring a game to be played. The Bulls then bussed to Norfolk and played a 4-hour, 14 inning marathon (with the same umpiring crew — maybe there's some justice), so they didn’t take batting practice before yesterday’s 1:15 start that went on for 11 innings and 3+ hours. And then today they’ve got one of those “education day” games starting at 12:15. Maybe Charlie’s thinking they are getting plenty of time at the plate. As a team they’ve had 105 plate appearances in just the last two games (normal would be mid-60’s for 2 games).

Just a few notes on the games while we wait for today’s to start.

On Saturday Dirk Hayhurst had his first rough outing. He only lasted 4 2/3 innings and committed the cardinal sin of walking in a run. Guess who got the win? Paul Phillips went 3 innings and lowered his ERA to 14.14. Considering his start point of 40.50 a couple of days earlier, that’s pretty good.

Brandon Guyer had a great night going 4 for 7 with a home run and 2 RBI. He is currently leading the team in just about every statistical category.

Sunday reads (I wasn’t able to listen to the game) like more of a slog. Oddities included Omar Luna getting on base twice on being hit by a pitch. Too bad he wasn’t able to score. Statistical freak — two of our pitchers (De La Rosa and Ekstrom) got charged with blown saves. Our relievers have now put in 20 innings in the last three games (starters, 13 2/3). Thank goodness Cobb was able to go six yesterday.

Edgar Gonzalez is due up today. Maybe he can put in enough innings to give the bullpen a bit of a rest.


  1. Ekstrom got a bit of a raw deal last night. First off, pitching a day after he went 2 innings. Second, in the 11th there was a ball that was ruled a double, but really should have been an error (according to the radio). Maybe it was for the better though because if he had managed to hold it to a single run, they'd likely still be playing...

  2. That's really too bad. We are not having much luck with this umpiring crew. Maybe they'll swap out when the team heads to the West Division.

    Seems like I once read that most extra inning games are resolved through errors, wild pitches, etc.; i.e., by mistakes of one kind or another.

    Overall, I'm impressed with our bullpen crew this year, aren't you? For that matter, most of our starters.

  3. Well that wasn't really an umpiring thing so much as scorer. Although in top 11 JJ got hit with a pitch that the umps ruled hit his bat. So there's that.

    I'm too caught up in Swindle and Phillips on the bullpen to really think they're "good". I guess the rest have been doing ok, but I just don't have the "feel" for them like I did with Thayer and Abreau who had been with the Bulls forever.

    Starters have been really good for the most part. Expected of the two Alexes I guess, but the rest has been a pleasant surprise.

  4. On second thought, you're right. Guess I was caught out by unexpected success. At the moment we've only got three starters with promise (Alexes and Hayhurst) and Swindle isn't himself this year. I don't count Phillips since he'll probably disappear as soon as Bootcheck comes back.

    And then there's the corners: Anderson not doing well at all at bat. Anderson and Canzler are having real trouble covering their bases. J.J. and Chirinos should get better at bat, but certainly not yet.

    They should be beating Norfollk today, but aren't. I'm more worried about Louisville later in the week. Still, as I type, Gonzalez just gave up his second home run. Sigh. Won't be able to stick with the game more than a few minutes more. Doesn't look good.